AlysonAlyson – Chief of Nursing

Alyson has lived in Denton since she was a small child. She graduated from Billy Ryan High School in 2002 and began working as a veterinary technician. She joined the Southridge family in August 2011 and in May 2012 earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from University of North Texas. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and relaxing with her kitties: Leela, Milo, Mama, and Butters.

Dawn Dawn – Technician

Dawn grew up in the Denton area, the youngest of seven kids, and family and animals have always been an important part of her life. She joined the field of veterinary medicine in 2005 and has been working as a veterinary technician for the past ten years. Dawn has been part of the Southridge family for eight years, but left from 2010 until 2013 to pursue other interests and expand her knowledge at a specialty practice, where she worked as the lead surgical training technician.

Dawn spends her spare time at home with her husband Lonnie, her three beautiful kids, their two dogs, Cartmen and Atti, and their two cats MeMe and Nuzzle. If this doesn’t keep her busy enough, she also pet sits on the side!

ErinErin – Technician

Erin was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and spent most of her young life moving around, as many “Air Force Brats” will understand. She moved to Denton in 2003 to attend the University Of North Texas School Of Music. Erin has since embraced the life of a true Denton-ite, working at classic Denton institutions, including a six year stint as restaurant manager at Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant. Giuseppe’s is where Erin met Dr. Jones and Susie one fateful Valentine’s day, and her service and skills were so superb that they offered her a job here at Southridge. Erin has always loved animals, so she jumped at the opportunity to pursue a new venture into a different passion. She currently shares her home with Simon, a 16 year old calico cat, and Marla, a beautiful pit bull that followed her home here in Denton one day. When she’s not home reading with her animals, Erin is pursuing her love of Rock and Roll and playing keyboard in one of the two local bands she’s a part of.

SimoneSimone – Technician

Simone started out as a volunteer at Southridge when she was 17 and she is now, after graduating from high school is one of our newest technicians! She is originally from Chicago, and loves animals.  She has two dogs, Bisquit and newly rescued Minnie, who she adores. When Simone is not hard at work at Southridge, she loves watching movies, hanging out with her doggies, and adding to her ever expanding lip gloss collection.

Geri Geri – Receptionist

Geri, another one of our receptionists, is originally from the Windy City. She moved from Chicago several years ago and says she likes the winters here a whole lot better! Her beautiful Doberman Pilot and his best friends Peaches and Nikki, two sweet Siamese kitties, are always by her side. Geri’s hobbies include art, photography, and, of course, animals!

Morgin (2)Morgin “Gin” – Receptionist

Morgin, aka Gin, is a native of Denton; she’s literally lived here her whole life (she doesn’t get out much). Gin attended Denton High School and was very active in both choir and soccer. After she graduated in 2007 she went on to get her Associates in Nursing and is currently working on her bachelors at TWU. In 2012 she married the man of her dreams, and now they live in Corinth with their female Heeler mix, Peewee.

In her spare time Gin and her husband enjoy coaching youth soccer, because they really love soccer. A lot. They also play soccer with the American Indoor Sports Facility in Carrolton. So Gin does get out some, but only for soccer. Other than soccer, Gin enjoys movies, food, and her dog, but mostly just soccer. Gin’s end goal is to be the school nurse at the school of her children so she can stalk them and be the girls’ soccer coach.

Morgin (2)Kirby – Receptionist

Kirby is not only a fictional video game character but is also one of our receptionists here at Southridge Animal Hospital.  Kirby has been around veterinary medicine pretty much her whole life, but has been a fabulous receptionist here since 2015.  She has two kitty cats of her own, Albus “Kizzy” Dumbledore and Gwen “Winky” Stefani.  In her spare time Kirby likes exploring her town of Denton and becoming a “Dentonite”.  While traveling around Denton she also enjoys her second love: photography.  She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in English and plans to attend graduate school in the future.