services02Providing proper medical care for birds requires specialized training and skills. Dr. Jones has been practicing veterinary medicine for more than 30 years, and he has extensive experience in the care and treatment of birds. We regularly see birds for general check ups or health problems, and we often do beak, nail, and wing trims for our bird owners.

Those who share their lives with pet birds know these charming animals make great companions. Like other kinds of pets, birds have unique needs. Many bird owners may need help understanding how to provide their birds with proper nutrition, training, hygiene, and grooming and how to facilitate social interactions with other pets and family members. Birds can develop many of the same medical conditions that dogs and cats develop as well as a variety of illnesses unique to birds. However, birds are well known for being able to hide signs of illness, which adds to the challenge of diagnosing their medical problems.

Regular wellness visits are an important way to help ensure the overall health and longevity of pet birds. Wellness visits offer you an opportunity to ask us any questions about your bird and give us a chance to examine your bird for signs of health issues.

Pet birds bring a special type of joy to a home, and we consider it our duty to provide quality medical care to them. The services that our avian veterinarians provide are designed to address the full range your bird’s needs. Our team is dedicated to helping birds live longer, healthier lives, so call today to schedule an appointment for your pet bird!

We do not have a Board Certified Avian Specialist on staff, but we are happy to refer you and your bird to a specialty practice if necessary.